Regalia & Associates CPAs
Certified Public Accountants


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you bill for services?

We require payment upon receipt. All standard forms of payment are accepted including personal check, company check, Visa, Mastercard, and Diner's credit cards.

What hours are you available?

We are available during normal business hours, which are 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. We also make special arrangements for evening or weekend consultations.

What role do you play if the IRS audits me?

All correspondence received from federal and/or state tax authorities should be forwarded to us.  Letters we write in response to a tax authority’s notice are billed at our standard rates. If an amended tax return is necessary, we will bill for services rendered.

How much and what kind of preparation do you need for my return?

We prefer that your materials be in a computer accounting program, but we have taken materials in almost every imaginable form. Contact us with questions about specific software packages.